Trilogy Health Services

HOPE. That’s Why We’re Here. 
Heartfelt Outreach, Prevention & Education

We believe in walking with purpose and leaving footprints in which others can follow. We believe in the importance of identification, the power of prevention, the value of education, and the strength that comes with being empowered. Above all, we believe that every wellness journey can trace its path back to the same starting point: hope. We base our services on our beliefs.

In our Campuses of Clinical Distinction, we provide programs consisting of seven-week courses dedicated to specific illnesses and injuries. During this time, we cover everything from nutrition and exercise to medication management and so much more. Please review the list below and click on the program that most interests you to see if it is available in your area.

Trilogy Campus for Clinical Distinction Parkinsons
Campus of Clinical Distinction in Parkinson’s
Trilogy Campus for Clinical Distinction Stroke
Campus of Clinical Distinction in Stroke